Important | SSB got postponed due to covid-19 | Inet | SCC(tech)

I was preparing for my SSB, Suddenly one day I just received the email which stated that my SSB got postponed because of covid-19 so here it comes….. covid-19 is affecting all of it and I mean it.
I appeared for the INET exam this year and cleared it. I received a mail from join Indian Navy stating that the Indian Navy is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country and the government advisory is related to see the best interest of your health safety conduct of SSB interview is been suspended at this juncture junction we cannot commit to a date when the SSB testing will be the comment please wait for the call-up letter for SSB and to monitor your dashboard for updates on SSB interview tips will also send you email or SMS when the call-up letter is uploaded.

I even got a mail for getting shortlisted for SSB in the Indian army for SSC tech 55, a few days back the send me a mail that stating did you have been shortlisted to attend SSB interview at Kapurthala for SSC tech 55.
but didn’t send me any formal mail, informing me that my SSB has been postponed because of the COVID-19.
Please don’t take me wrong I am not complaining about that I didn’t receive a mail from Join Indian Army I know what it is like suddenly the country going into lockdown status. It’s really difficult to cope up with the situation. So what they are doing is absolutely right by their reach during the COVID-19, like they did a post of banner/ notice which was informative enough for us. So it is our responsibility to be updated with the website.
For the Indian army SSB dates, I didn’t select any date within one week and supposed they would provide me with an auto-generated date within a week, (if You don’t select a date within one week they are supposed to send you a selected date by themselves)  and when I didn’t get that auto-generated date within a week I decided to visit the website and see what the what’s the update about my SSB dates and then  I saw the news Banner stating that the SSBs are been postponed (I do regret of not taking a screenshot of that).
But I am sure the SSB would be conducted and organized as soon as this outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is been under control.

The Positive Side of the postponed of SSB dates:

  1. You will get more time to prepare for SSBs
  2. You’ll get more time to introspect yourself and find a new “you” within yourself.
  3. You will get more time to inhibit 15 OLQs that are required for the SSB
  4. You will get more time to spend with your family so in that case any family related topic in the SSB interview would not be a problem in that case, I suppose
  5. You are getting all your time to yourself for your hobby get a new one or nurture your old ones
  6. If you are interested in reading books you have a lot of time to start new good books.
  7. If you want to really learn something new this is the time start of the day make something good of yourself.
  8. If you think you are not good at speaking English get a book and sit down and practice English for yourself.
  9. One of the most important. You will get more time to gather information about SSB procedures.
  10. Get yourself updated with all the news going around the world news national news you have got a lot of time to do that get updated with current affairs for yourself.
  11. If you think you are not so good at narration then try narrating stand in front of a mirror and start practicing English with mirror start practicing narration with the mirrors try shadow practicing yourself if you know what shadow practicing is
  12. Make yourself presentable personality during the spare time period, introspect and enhance your personality
  13. you can do one more thing that is you can make your weakest point to be your strongest. Like I have the general knowledge as my weakest so I am working hard on it so that I can make it be my strongest.
Though the SSB dates are not yet officially announced and no one knows when it would be conducted. But for sure it would be conducted as soon as the outbreak is under control. Don’t panic I would rather preferably suggest you do the tasks that I have listed in the list just above this.
And follow the government norms set up to prevent the outbreak so that the SSB are conducted as soon as possible, so that the outbreak  gets into a control as soon as possible.
Things not to do during this outbreak so that you don’t do in your next SSB for yourself:
  • No matter how bored you feel do not get out of your house and socialize with friends or get into a group.
  • Try to stay away from the mass gathering and try to be at home and as I told you to introspect yourself.
  • Do not let this time go in Vain used it, utilize this time for some good things, use it do not let it go for a waste.
  • Go for the things that you feel confident about
  • Do not create panic on do not get panic by anything to stay calm and think practically.
  • Do not spread rumors because they do play a very bad role during this outbreak, do not be a catalyst in that.
you are going to appear for SSB, which shortlists gentleman cadet throughout the country and make them the part of India’s great academy and mould them to be a part of the world’s one of the greatest army, Navy or airforce.
 So if we gonna be a part of such a great defense service you should rather have this at the back of your mind that these problems are just the little ones. if you get into the defense service will have to face a lot bigger problems than this do not panic out with the small problems keep yourself calm and healthy country fight the outbreak.
As you have got a lot of time to your self prepare your documents as well. properly!
Cheers to the future leader, the future fighter.

In case if you have any doubts, feel free to comment and ask me!