Get 94% selection chance for getting Screened-IN in SSB

Strategies for getting screened in  SSB. It is a simple maths that almost around 300 candidates will be reporting and only 40 will be selected among all and I know 300 to 40 is a huge number gap and people do generally get panicked looking at the huge number of the people.
But people don’t realize that their competition isn’t with 300 people out there it is just with 20 people who will be sitting down with you for the PPDT exam and Group discussion.
I will show you how you can achieve 94% selection chances in SSB.
I am not talking in air, you will understand this by the end of the post!
you need to calm down and clear your head and have to make yourself understand that 300 people standing in front of you, the whole lot isn’t your competition. So you are striking off more than 94 percent of your competition, that is panicking your mind. You just need to apply a basic maths over here.
First, you will be sent off for your officer intelligence test (OIT) and there will be two papers of that, and as OIT results are declared too quickly, candidates do generally think that the OIT papers are not checked. But let me tell you in an SSB in Bangalore I realized that our paper was been checked. Don’t fall for rumors. Let me tell you every paper are checked and they are checked with optimized precision.
Be prepared for your OIT test if you really want to crack SBB, you should give your best shot in the OIT test as it does matters and the marks that you get out of it will have its contribution in making you screened in.
Practice at home and be prepared for a good set of OIT tests, cause the interviewer expects, your good performance in the OIT test. And if you fail to do so, you won’t be screened in unless you give a convincing performance in your PPDT narration and group discussion.
Then comes the deciding factor of the screening procedure, the picture perception test and I guess you have got some information about it. and if you are new to this and you don’t have any information about PPDT narration and group discussion 
 PPDT story writing technique:
Just let me tell you that the picture perception test is a test, where you are shown a hazy picture for almost 30 seconds with a projection on the screen and after that, you are given exactly 4 minutes time to write down a story based on the perception that you have got from the picture.
List of things that you have to mention before you start writing the story 
  • No of characters
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Mood
And then you will have to continue with your story that you have planned to write, based on the perception that you to induced out of the picture that was shown to you on the screen.
Tips: you won’t be getting much of time so don’t waste your time looking here and there. Keep your stories short and precise and optimize it to its optimum level.
when you are going to get to 30 seconds to watch over the picture and induce a perception out of it, do not waste it looking here and there, cause you need to know many things properly in that picture. so concentrate on the picture at that very moment and induced perceptions.
Try to induce a positive side of the story but it’s not mandatory, if you can’t induce a positive story, don’t force yourself to have a perception of a positive story. Just write down the original story that struck your mind at first.

Do not manipulate it cause you won’t get time to manipulate your story if you start manipulating your story at that time you will not be able to finish your story in the given time. Cause you won’t be getting any time to think and write, all you have to do is just write the thing that struck you mind at the first, thought that you got after looking at the picture.
Don’t fall for a trap, thinking that if you have to write a positive story and that will impress the assessors, don’t fall for that. If you fall for that trap you won’t be able to finish your story and that can be counted as a negative point of yours so it is really important to finish the story even if your is a bit negative.
Tips: Always try to keep the conclusion of the story to be positive.
Therefore a story can start with a negative issue but should end with a positive ending that is what I meant.
That will portray that you have got an optimistic thinking level which can solve the problem solved.
so don’t run for only positive stories always, negative stories can also have a positive way.
What if I can’t finish writing my PPDT story?
Don’t worry if you can’t finish off your story. when you are going to appear for your description test (the description part of test in PPDT).
Then you may ask for permission from the assessors and if they allow you, you may continue with the leftovers story that you couldn’t finish off while writing the story.
But point to be noted you should not change the story or you should not modify it. Continue with the same story that you thought of writing, if you modify the story that you were going to write and end up telling a different story to the assessors, they will understand that and will take it as a negative point of yours and this might get you even screened out .
Some points to keep in mind if you have to continue with the leftover story :
  • Seek permission from their assessors only then continue with the leftover story do not continue with your story without seeking permission from their assessor. That might be taken as a negative point of yours for not acknowledging the assessors.
  • Do not change this storyline.
  • Keep it short, to the point.
  • Do not go round and round about your story.
  • Try to deliver a  passive optimistic message throughout the story.
  • And remember to conclude it in a proper way.
How to behave in a SSB campus:
This is something that no one bothers about, but this is something really crucial for the SSB.
Try to be original, do not be rude to anyone, be polite to everyone and be helpful to everyone as well, and don’t try to be out of the box that isn’t something that they are really looking for!
Just be original and be normal, do not do any such things that can be counted against you and can pull you back.
Be as friendly as you could be. Don’t worry the other candidates will be friendly to you as well. Within that period of some hours, you will really make good friends of yours.
Be conscious of every step that you take within the campus cause if you are planning to be a part of something big you should start behaving like you are already a part of it.
Because they do keep an eye on every candidate and their behavior within the campus this can really be something which can push your chances towards you getting screened in.
What to do after the PPDT story writing?
Generally, as soon as the story writing session ends, everyone is sent out of the auditorium where your PPDT story writing was organized. Then the candidates are assembled to form groups in which they are to be sent for the narration and the group discussion.
Now if you fall behind the group like your group number is suppose 20 number group. Then you get plenty of time in your hand to prepare but at that point, people generally are very excited about the narration and group discussion. But they end up forming groups and starts gossiping.
I really don’t prefer that because that actually diverges the focus for the planning that you should actually do for your next step, your thought gets diluted by gossiping with other candidates. I really don’t prefer doing that I prefer to make myself a little bit introvert for some time and calmly think of the things that I would be doing as soon as I get in that conference hall for narration and group discussion.
But it’s my personal choice of being alone for sometime at that moment but your thought might be different from me, so you may go the way you want. Just be original that is what I meant.
If you can afford to make friends and have a good chat with them and still afford to give a good performance with narration and group discussion. You are really welcome to do that no one can stop you from doing that it’s up to you, and that could be the best possible way to do it!
What is the preferred language in SSB for PPDT Narration and group discussion?
To be honest, as far as I know, there is no compulsory language for SSB PPDT narrations and group discussion you can use any language that you are comfortable and confident in. So, I would preferably suggest you go with the language that you are confident in. And by “Any language”, I didn’t mean any language. If you go by your own mother language tongue, there will be people who won’t be able to understand you. So most probably Hindi and English the only two languages that you can use.
Though over Hindi, English is preferred in SSB PPDT because the candidates are gonna compete with you and will most probably use English to communicate.
How to Narrate my SSB PPDT story?
Well, the narration is really a crucial part of the assessment that plays a rule in increasing your chances of getting Screened In. It hugely depends on how you deliver your narration.
Based on that you would be screened in or screened out.if your narration doesn’t goes well don’t worry, there is still some chance, but yeah of cause it will affect hugely on your result but still do not lose hope. There is still a chance to get Screened in by giving a good group discussion and keeping in mind that you have already given a good so OIT test.
Some points you should keep in mind to-do for narration:
  • Do not Fumble while narrating your story cause if you fumble that portrays that you are not confident with your story or you are not confident of what you are speaking. Try to be thorough with your story and try to not fumble in front of the assessors.
  • Try to get rid of your nervousness because nervousness would be the last thing that you would want at that point. It would really not help you rather it will destroy your chances of getting screen IN. By hook or by crook try to get rid of it.
  • Try to keep a confident personality, be confident of what you speak, and be confident of why you speak that.
  • During the narration try to be a good listener. Even, when you are not speaking, listen to the other speakers that will really help you in your group discussion. Moreover, the assessors will have an eye on you. If you don’t listen to what others are speaks then they will take it as a negative point against you.
  • Try to deliver your narration in the preferred language that is English.
  • Be attentive throughout.
  • Try to be convincing and clear with your thoughts and try to make others understand what you are trying to say or express. Communication while narration is really important. If you cannot connect with your fellow candidate you will really not succeed with the narration session.
Is there any chance of getting SSB screened in if my narration doesn’t go well?
To be honest yes there are chances even if your narration doesn’t go well, or if your ideas or expressions were really not convincing. Even though you can get Screened in, only if your OIT test promises a good number of scores and you did well in your group discussions.
Though I would suggest you not to take chances , or not to make mistakes in the SSB. I would suggest giving the best out of the best performance of yours to make the optimum chances for yourself to get screened In.
How to give a good performance in Group discussion in SSB PPDT?
After the narration, you would be directly told to participate in a group discussion right at that very point in the same Venue.
 There is a myth people do generally follow it, they say that you should always start in the group discussion which is good, Even I would suggest you to do that because initiating a group discussion portrays as a good leadership quality which falls in the 15 OLQS that are required for being an officer.
That is theoretical. But in practical, it really gets a fish market cause everyone wants to prove that they have the initiative skills, they do have that capability in them to be that leader. Ultimately the group discussion becomes a fish market and is called off by the assessors. Eventually divided into smaller groups to perform group discussion.
I personally prefer to not be a part of the fish market. So I would suggest, that even if you cannot start off or cannot initiate the group discussion do not rush for it. Cause if you rush for it and don’t get it, your performance will get hamper. So it’s better not to rush for it wait for your turn.
Wait for your chance to come when you get it do not let it go in vain, utilize is at that very moment and give your 100% effort in it.

Some points you should keep in your mind to-do during PPDT Group discussion:
  • Taking into consideration that you have already listened carefully to the narration that every candidate has narrated, and now you should take all of it collectively and then speak of it. Do not speak anything out of the room of the discussion.
  • Do not try to directly attack someone in the group discussion that might be taken as a negative point against you.
  • Prove your point try to talk some sense and be convincing enough to convince the other fellow candidates.
  • Concentrate on the other candidates and not the assessors. Let the assessors assess you. You are having a group discussion with the other candidates and not the assessors so face the candidates and listen to them, what they are trying to tell you.
  • Show some leadership quality, try to make everyone participate in the group discussion don’t play the self game. Don’t be selfish.
  • Let others speak as well and try to appreciate their perception and thoughts.
  • Do not neglect anyone or anyone’s thought.
  • Do not get into a clash of thoughts with other candidates.
  • Try to get the whole team to a common conclusion.
  • Do not get furious or rude, appreciate everyone in a humble manner.
  • If the group gets into a fish market try to manage the group that would be counted as a positive point for you.
Note: Do not reject anyone’s thoughts in the group discussion try to include everyone’s perception and try to get to a common conclusion.
In this way, even the candidate should be happy of you and even you would show some leaders qualities of yours to the assessors.
Remember this is very important: Once I got too excited and I rejected a fellow candidate’s perception and I got rejected at that time in the SSB PPDT. I got screened out. So keep this in your head do not reject anyone’s perception on their face try to include everyone’s perception and try to appreciate everyone’s perception, try to get two common conclusions.
The Calculation of 94% selection
Now you would be sitting among 20 people in the room for the narration and the group discussion. So you are competing with 20 people and you are not competing with 300 people anymore. So I guess you are keeping your performance well enough to complete and get selected within the 20 people.
And I suppose if your group discussion turns out to be a fish market and your group has been divided into smaller groups (your group should be divided into 10 people in each group). In that case, you would be competing with 10 people. So, in that case, getting selected out of 10 people is really not a big deal. See to what percentage your competition got reduced.
I guess, now as you have the calculation you are confident enough to crack the SSB and get Screened in.
And even if you couldn’t get selected in that 6% competition then I think you should work on yourself and again try and get selected the next time.
Even after this if you feel yourself that you are under-confident or you need some push-up or you need some guidance, you can follow different YouTube channels that are available on YouTube for free. I don’t recommend anyone to go for any paid things for SSB. I don’t want you to spend money on your assessments.
And even after this if you want you can spend money and take some tuitions for it.
I really don’t prefer you to take tuitions, there are many free contents available on the internet just like mine. I don’t charge for anything of it but there are websites who do charge for all these things.
There are tuition centers, coaching centers that charge for these things. If you want or feel underconfidence about yourself. You can always go for that tuitions. But I would never recommend you to do so because people like us we are here for you to provide resources have for absolutely free.
And if you feel that we are good at it! please help us keep the website alive by donating for the domain and hosting

The SSB assessors want your original pure form, they don’t want you in a modified form that the tuition centers will do to you.

Even after this if you have any kind of doubt you can comment and let me know.