Best 7 books to prepare for SSB interview

This is a general question that every candidate or a fresher candidate has in their mind because they don’t have any clue on what the SSB procedures and how to deal with them.
Even repeaters search for the answers for these questions because they somehow fail to impress the assessors in the SSB interview.
But the point to remember is that you should not mug up the content on those books, the books are just to push up your skills to make yourself introspect yourself.
SSB is all about self putting yourself in the real form to the assessors. 
In the SSB the assessors don’t look for fake qualities. They only look for the officers like qualities that you actually have. 
Even if you don’t have 14 or 15 or all of the officer like qualities, still there might be chances of you getting “Merit in” but for that, you need to be real you can’t fake your qualities.
All I want to say is that the assessors know “how the candidate behaves after mugging up the book?”.
They are not looking for bookish knowledge or theoretical knowledge, they are looking for real-life knowledge and practical knowledge. So it’s better you prepare yourself and don’t mug everything by heart without understanding its value, try to understand things from books.
Now by this thing, I don’t mean that you should not mug up anything. There are some things which you need to mug up and those things are related to GK you cannot remember the current affairs or GK by understanding those.
you need to somehow make yourself remember those. 
Mugging up can be a way but it’s up to you, it’s always an individual’s choice.
 I would just like to recommend some books that all recommended candidates and all good candidates have been using

1. SSB Interview: The Complete Guide

The author of the book is DR. (CDR) N K NATARAJAN 
About the author: The author of the book has an experience of over 25 years in the Indian Navy and 3 years stint as a group testing officer at the selection center in Bhopal. in addition to serving in Navy has also holds a degree in management and doctorate in psychology. He has helped us more than 1500 candidates during his term as a selection officer.

Key features of this book

A simplified and reader-friendly approach towards all necessary steps screening test psychological test group testing series interview techniques and conference proceedings
Coverage of essential topics like service related information geopolitics and national issues
This book explains in details on “how to appear in a screening test”, if you are doubtful with your screening test then you may check out Get 94% selection chance for getting Screened-IN in SSB.
This book helps you with the psychological test details on how to prepare for your 
Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test (WAT),  
Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Self Description Test.
This book really helps with the group testing portion as it explains in details about the 
Basic of group discussions, Group planning exercise, Progressive group task, Group obstacle race, Half group task, Lecturtte, individual obstacles, Command Task and Final Group Task
It provides you with a detailed knowledge of 
The basis of interview techniques, Interview questions, Conference procedures and Do’s and don’ts in conference
And the second section of the book 
The book gives information about the service-related information
Indian army
Indian Navy
Indian Air force
Honors and awards
In the second section of the book, the books talk about the various Geo  politics topics such as the Indo-Pak relations, Indo China relations, Indo-Bangladesh relations, Indo Nepal relations, India Bhutan relations, India Sri Lanka relations, Indo US Nuclear deal and many more such topics
The book also talks about various National issues such as the 
Lokpal bill, Reservations in India, Women reservation Bill, Women in India,
Indian economy, Food security bill, Naxalism in India, Mahatma Gandhi National rural employment guarantee act, Rights of children to free and compulsory education act, and Terrorism in India.
The above was just a brief overview of the content that you will get in this book. I personally recommend this book because I have been using this book for my own preparation for the SSB.

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2. Let’s Crack SSB Interview

This book is actually by SSB crack.
Do I have never used this book but I have had really good recommendations for this book from many of the candidates.
I would just provide a brief overview of the content provided by the book.
I provide you with information about the various service selection boards.  
It also provides a brief overview of what SSB is?, how SSB should be dealt with?, and what you should be keeping in your mind for appearing in SSB?. It really is a good and recommended book if your preparing for your SSB.
The second part of the book that talks about various testing processes such as how the screening process goes, how you should prepare for the PPDT exam, how you should write a story, what kind of perception you should have, the psychological test.
This book is really great for SSB, AFSB interviews.
Highlights Of This Book: 
1) SSB interview in a redefined manner. 
2) Success mantra for each task. 
3) Exclusive content for SSB repeaters. 
4) Experience of successful recommended candidates. 
5) Articles on personality development. 
6) Numerous TAT WAT SRT SD Examples. Includes, OIR Test, PPDT.

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3. SSB OIR & PPDT: Complete Guide To Stage 1 SSB Interview

This book has been specially designed for the first stage of SSB that is screening in.
This book is one of the best sellers for SSB interviews for the stage one(Screening Test) Amazon.
This book contains all types of verbal and nonverbal topics that are asked in SSB.
The book has an ample amount of practice sets with detailed explanation and also has some never answered explanation to curious questions related to stage one that is the Screening Stage.

4. Breaking The Code of SSB Psychological Tests – SSB Interview (TAT/WAT/SRT/SD)

Another book on the list and this book is also by SSB crack.
The intention of book is a bit specific towards the psychological test conducted in SSB.
The Psychological test is the first test that is conducted in the second stage of SSB.
The book has got some good reviews and ratings on Amazon.

5. OIR Test & PPDT – SSB Interview Screening Test – Stage 1 Testing

Once again on the series a book by SSB crack.
And this book is solely dedicated to the first stage of the SSB, that is the screening test which means it’s totally dedicated on the OIR test and PPDT Test.
This book has got a new update even this book has got some good rating of around an average of four stars on Amazon.

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6. Get Success in SSB Interviews Paperback

This book is by Arihant and husband doing great in the field of guiding candidates through the SSB.
The book speed of the line of examination pattern of SSB interviews.
The book presents information through content diagrams illustrations for preparation.
This book gives special coverages of lectures and group discussions.
This book really teaches small steps to prepare an adapt to the officers like qualities in the candidates appearing for SSB.

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7. Clear SSB in First Attempt: How to change your perception

This book states that this book is for the future leaders of armed forces.
the book will help SSB candidates to get recommended at the first ssb and get top rank in the merit list.
As claimed by the writer, the book was written after 5 years of research in this area. The intention of the writer behind writing this book was to develop candidates with full of officer-like qualities and save the precious chance and time, as well as money of the aspirants who gets confused and masked with different personalities after going through different coaching located across India.
The kindle version of the Book comes for free!

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