16 Documents to be carried for SSB interview | Important

Document required for SSB interview

It is really important to carry the following documents.
if you are a fresher you might not know but if you fail to get the required documents along with you on the day of reporting to the SSB center you would be directly rejected and most probably would be given another day to report on….. along with the forgotten documents.
Neither would you get travel allowance for the first visit to the SSB center.
You won’t be assessed even through the first round of the SSB. You would be rejected out even before the first round starts. 
Document verification is the first thing that they do as soon as you report to the SSB center.
16 Mandatory Documents that all the candidates need to carry with themselves to the SSB center:

1. Online Application

Get a print out of the online application form on which you have been shortlisted for the SSB.
Get the online application form from the respective website

2. Call Letter

Get the Print of the call letter pdf from the official websites.
Get the Call letter from the respective website

3. 10th/12th Mark sheet

(Original along with  2 Photocopy)
Carry the original and two photocopies of both the 10th and 12th mark sheets each. You may have to submit your photocopies for procedures, so I would always recommend you carry a few extra photocopies of your documents.

4. 10th/12th Passing Certificate

(Original along with  2 Photocopy)
*If you are from CBSE board then your passing certificate is the same as the 10th mark sheet. As the Passing certificate and the mark sheet are both combined into the mark sheet of class 10th CBSE.
But do not confuse the same for class 12th CBSE. as most of the candidates from CBSE board tends to think the 12th mark sheet as the passing certificate itself.
**Disclaimer for CBSE students: The Passing certificate of class 12th and the result of class 12th are not the same documents as was in the case of class 10th, both the passing certificate and the mark sheet are two different individual documents. 

5. Marksheet of every Semester of your Graduation Degree

(Original along with 2 photocopies of each)
You will have to carry all the original mark sheet of every semester of your graduation degree along with two photocopies of each semester.
It is recommended to carry more photocopies than for each semester, but it is up to you. But it is mandatory to carry at least two photocopies each of every semester.
If you are a final year student or Pre-final year student in that case you may have to carry all the mark sheets that are out, released, and are available till date.

6. Graduation/Post Graduation Degree

(final year students must bring a certificate signed from the principal)
You have to get the degree of your graduation or post-graduation higher studies as proof of your educational qualification
If you haven’t received your degree yet, then please do carry your provisional degree along with yourself.
For final year students, please get the online application attested by your principal in which it would be mentioned that your educational degree course would end before the starting of the Armed course.
Please go thought the call letter and get the Appendix that suits you, signed and attested by your principal.
Get your CGPA conversion appendix attested by your principal as well, if you have your class 12th marks in CGPA.

7. Ticket Original

(for freshers)
If you are a fresher you need to carry your original tickets and credentials of your bank account in order to receive a travel allowance.
Get the original ticket generated from the station along with any other subsequent bus fare.
*Get the printout of the ticket if your ticket was purchased online.
Travel allowance is provided up to the price mark of third class AC tier train of the shortest route.

8. Identity Proof

(Voter ID/Driving Licence/Passport/PAN Card)
(Original along with 2 Photocopies)
Carry your original identity proof documents along with two or more extra photocopies.
It is just safe to carry more photocopies along with your, o that you don’t have to face any kind of document verification problem at the SSB center. 

9. Risk certificate duly signed by parent/guardian

There will be an appendix in your call letter where you will have to get it signed and attested from your parents about the risk factors of SSB.

10. Passport Size Colour Photographs

(with light-colored clothes and against a preferred white background)
Though in the call letter it is mentioned to get 20 cloured photos in formal dress, I would personally recommend you get carry at least 30-40 colored photos along with you to the SSB center. So, there is the least risk of anything going wrong.

11. Address Proof

Its is also recommended to carry a valid address proof such bank account passbook or electricity bill

12. Aadhar Card

Carry your aadhaar card as well, you may be asked for your aadhar card as well. So better be prepared with it!

13. NCC Certificate

(Original along with 2 Photocopies)
(Condition: If applicable)
If you have applied for NCC special entry, then you have to get your NCC certificate as well along with some extra photocopy of the same.

14. NOC Certificate

(Condition: If applicable)
You need to get a NOC from the organization that you are currently working in if you are a salaried employee.
Check out the append in the call letter thoroughly, because if you are a student in that case also you may have to get a NOC from the head of the college.

15. Valid Commercial Pilots License, issued by DCGA

(Condition: If applicable)
If your post demand for a prior pilot license then you need to carry your pil0t license as a prof as well if its applicable for your type of entry

16. Any Co-curricular certificate

If you possess any valuable co-curricular certificate which you think would be valuable for the SSB interview, you should carry those certificate along with you as proof.
** The information provided may vary from Entries to Entries, so it is recommended to check and read your call letter thoroughly. Because all the documents required for your SSB Interview would be mentioned in details in your call letter.

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