How to join Indian navy after 10th?

You can join the Indian navy just after completing your matriculation.

But the Entry is for a sailor and you would not be eligible for an officer.

Which means that you will not have to face the SSB in the matriculation. 

The Post and division available for a Matric Recruit

  • Chef (MR)
  • Steward (MR)
  • Hygienist (MR)
  • Musician (MR)

  • Chef- The chefs have to prepare meals according to the day’s menu (dealing with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meat products) and ration. Apart from this, they can also are allocated to other duties as per the requirement of service.
  •  Steward- They will need to serve the food in the mess, in the form of waiters, housekeeping, etc. Apart from this, they are allocated as well as other duties as per service requirements.
  • Hygienist- They will need to clean up the washroom, shower space, and other areas. In addition, they are allocated to other duties as per the requirement of the service.

The Eligibility Criteria

There is no minimum educational percentage required in the matriculation.

The age limit should be between 17-21 yrs of age.

The candidate should have successfully passed the Matric exam.

Training for Matric Entry

Every candidate selected for training has to undergo basic training for the Indian Navy for 14 weeks at INS Chilka.

Once the candidates complete their basic training at INS Chilka for 14 weeks, they are divided into trades and are sent for their advanced training for their respective trades.

** Though for being a Musician there are some basic extra requirements which are needed to be fulfilled.
For being a Musician, the candidates should have basic knowledge about music and even have western music knowledge for example Jazz music.

The candidates selected for the music trades are supposed to move to INS Kunjali after their training at INS Chilka for their advanced training.

Notice Information

The notice information is sent out by the INDIAN NAVY.

To get the information about the notification you may have to register on the official website of the Indian Navy.

Selection Procedure

A candidate who wants to appear for this entry has to appear for a Computer based exams.

The candidate will also have to meet the physical standard set for the entry and also has to pass the physical fitness test.

The requirements in the physical fitness test for the matric entry is as follows:

1.6 Km Run
7 minutes
Squat ups (Uthak Baithak)
20 squat ups
10 Push-ups

Once the Candidate manages to pass the physical fitness test, then the candidate’s medical standards are tested.

Service Information

Now as soon as you complete your training at the training institute, your first Initial rank would be as a Seaman.

The service tenure as Matric recruit would be around15 years.

This means that if you join the Indian navy as a Matric recruit then, you will have to serve the country as Indian navy personnel for 15 years. 
And after your service tenure, you would get a Graduation degree.

The graduation degree would be given by the Indian Navy after the service end of the candidate.

The starting salary structure of the candidate would be around 20000-25000 INR.

Promotion can be achieved by the candidate upto the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.

A candidate can also get promoted as a commissioned officer based on the performance and the service record of the Candidate. But for that, the candidate will have to appear for exams.