Tips and Guideline set for SSB during COVID 19


While the whole world is fighting this COVID pandemic, some defense aspirants are going out risking their life for SSB interviews.


Keeping the dedication in mind, you should not make any mistakes because the SSB centers are being very strict about the policies and guidelines that they have set for the new incoming batches during the COVID-19 pandemic for SSB interview.


Any kind of mistake or incomplete documents will not be considered!


In case the candidate makes a mistake he or she will the sent back home from the gate itself. So, be very conscious of your packing and trip planning.


Try to gather as much information you can gather so that there is no nothing left for you to be unknown off.


These are some Administrative guidelines and Policies that you will have to follow while visiting your dedicated SSB center.

The administrative guidelines set for SSB during the COVID pandemic


  • Install Aroghya Setu app
  • Screenshot of the Aroghya Setu app(which resembles that you don’t belong to a containment zone)
  • You should not travel through the containment zone.
  • The passport photos that are to be carried (should not be older than one week)
  • All the appendix in the call letter to be duly signed by the respective designatory
  • Candidature would be canceled in case of document verification failure (no other date to reappear would be given)
  • During the Stay, the candidate will not be allowed to go out of the campus
  •  In case the candidate needs to get quarantine, will have to get bedding and clothing for themselves for at least sufficient enough for two weeks
  • Enough sufficient clothing should be brought as there would be no laundry service available during the pandemic time
  • The candidate will have to get their own bedding as they would not get bedding items from the center during their stay at the SSB center.
  • All preventive items to be carried by the candidates.
  • Enough preventive items to be carried by the candidate in case of rapture or damage they must have extra to put in use.
  • No medicines are to be carried, medicines will be provided by the SSB center in case the candidate requires medicines
  • The candidate must not have a fever.
  • The candidate must have a genric behavior towards all the procedures.
  • The candidate may get checked for body temp even up to three times a day, while they stay at the SSB center.
  • The candidate must get a COVID 19 negative report for themselves(should not be 2-4 days old).
  • The COVID 19 negative report should be duly signed by a regular medical practitioner


Quarantine policies


Every candidate must follow and adhere to the quarantine policies set by the respective states of the SSB center.


Every candidate must follow the administrative guidelines set by the SSB centers.


* For candidates of Kapurthala and Bhopal, candidates might not have to get quarantine before their SSB interview, as stated by the respective state government.


** It is recommended to get a better knowledge about the different quarantine policies and the administrative guidelines, please contact your respective SSB centers.


Safety Gears that Should be carried to the SSB center for COVID 19


  1. Facemasks
  2. Faceshield
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Gloves
  5. Bedding
  6. Water bottle


These are the things that the candidate needs to carry, the candidate not carrying any of the above items will not be allowed to enter the SSB center gate.


Hence, any candidate not carrying any of the above items will be allowed to neither get in the SSB center nor allowed to appear for the SSB.


Suggestion: A candidate must carry extra face mask, face shield, gloves sanitizer because in case you approach SSB center with damaged face mask or face shield then you will be sent back home from the gate itself.


Documents to be carried for SSB during the COVID 19 pandemic


You need to carry an ICMR approved COVID negative certificate along with you, that certificate should not be older than 2 days.


Only a two days old COVID negative certificate approved by ICMR and duly signed by a regular registered medical practitioner is acceptable.


Along with that, you need to carry all the different types of general documents such as your report card, passing mark sheet, etc.


To know all the details about all the documents, check out 16 Documents to be carried for SSB interview | Important.


Note: In case if you don’t carry any document by mistake, there will be no revised date given to you for another SSB interview. Simply your candidature would be canceled and you will be sent home from the gate itself.


There will be no pleading case taken under consideration.


Some Important Advises for SSB during COVID:


  1. Do not carry any costly items to the SSB center.
  2. Candidates will have to be punctual and have to be present during the testing hours.
  3. No Testing will be done after the dedicated time.
  4. Carry the Screenshot of the green status of the Aroghya Setu app.
  5. Carry COVID negative certificate approved by ICMR and signed by a registered medical practitioner.
  6. Thoroughly read the Call letter.
  7. Contact your dedicated SSB center before planning to go for the SSB.
  8. Carry all the documents required for the SSB interview.
  9. Carry all the preventive gears like a face mask etc.
  10. Carry Enough clothing for at least 2 weeks.
  11. Carry your own bedding, pillow, etc.
  12. In case if you doubt your medical condition, then please don’t visit.
  13. Do not carry any kind of medicines.




To conclude this article I would suggest that if you don't feel confident with your medical condition or if you feel feverish then I would suggest you stay back at home and sacrifice this time for the safety of other candidates at SSB center.


Do not try to speak any document that you are carrying.


Make sure that the ICMR COVID negative certificate that you will be carrying should not be older than 2 days and should be a legit certificate.


If you are visiting the SSB center then make sure you don't fall back with any document they are being very strict with the documents and the policies.


Try to be humble and patient with the timings and policies that have been set for candidates.


Carry recent photographs and documents and leave no loophole while visiting the SSB center. In case of any mistake done by you, you will be directly sent back home from the gate itself.


No pleading cases will be taken into consideration at the SSB centers.


Before planning out your trip to the SSB center, try and gather all informations about the state policies and the other informations by contacting your dedicating SSB center.


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