Different types of Indian Navy Uniforms

Different Indian Navy Uniforms

The fine of the finest forces, the force in white - the Indian Navy. The warriors in white depict a powerful picture of strength, spirit, and dominance. While the color white indicates peace, the Navy officials of India in white uniforms resemble dominance oversea. 


The men and women who earn the white uniforms for themselves feel a whole different elevation of pride. The white uniforms with the glittered golden stripes give the uniform more decency and look for astounding. 


The men and women flaunt their style and pride through their uniforms. There are numerous uniforms types varying with the rank of officials and occasion. 


Following are the different types of Indian Navy uniforms:


Dress No. 1 and Dress No. 3

The dress is worn by officers and sailors. The uniform includes wearing a peak cap or a white turban, with a black tie and jacket which has to be black in color. 


For officers and MCPO (Master Chief Petty Officer) or CPO (Chief Petty Officer), the black jacket has stripes on the sleeves. 


The Midshipmen have turn back on lapels, while the Cadets are uniformed with white twisted cord on lapels. 


The peak cap, black tie, and black jacket are paired with Black trousers black socks, and blacks shoes. 


Amr badges are a must for PO (Petty Officers) or officials with lowers ranks. 


Whereas,  Medals are a compulsory part of the uniform for Dress No.1 and Ribbons in the case of Dress No. 2. 


The arm badges, medals, and ribbons are associated with Name tally and chest badges for all the above-mentioned rank holders of the Indian Navy. 


Commanders and officials of higher rank must wear the sword with Dress No.1. The sword is worn by other officers when they are instructed to. 


Occasionally when ordered, gaiters and anklets are to be worn.



Dress No.2 and Dress No. 4

Dress no.2 and no. 4 apply for Officers and sailors. 

The uniform consists of a white tunic with white trousers, white socks, and white shoes.


The addition made to the uniforms of the officers and MCPO (Master Chief Petty Officer) and CPO (Chief Petty Officers) is, shoulder straps are attached to the white tunics. 


While in the case of, Petty Officers (PO) and ranks holders below the PO level, wear arm badges with the white tunic.


Along with the Name tally and Chest Badges, the officers and sailors are to wear Medals with Dress No. 2 and Ribbons with Dress No. 4. 


The Gilt button’s size of the uniform has to be 1.


Wearing a sword is a compulsion for Commanders and above rank holders. While wearing a sword is a choice for other officers or they wear it when instructed to. 


Black boots are worn by Leading seamen and officials from the ranks below. And the other officials wear black boots only when instructed to. 


The men look absolutely fantastic in the dress. A vibrancy is reflected through a decent uniform.



Dress No. 4A and No. 7


The A in Dress No. 4A stand s for Alpha. 

Dress No. 4 Alpha is worn by the Captain or official above the rank holder of a captain.


Dress No. 4 Alpha is another uniform in white. It consists of a peak cap or a white turban. 

Officers wearing Uniform No. 4 wears a white bush jacket with shoulders straps and ribbons. 

Alike other uniforms, the Chest badges, and name tally remains compulsory. 


The 4 Alpha uniform consists of white trousers, white socks, and white shoes.


For Dress No. 7, the white peak cap or white turban remains a constant. But the white jacket is replaced by a white full-sleeved shirt and a black jersey. Also, a black-tie is worn by the officers.

Black winter trousers, black socks, and black shoes are worn.


Uniform No. 7 is mainly worn by Officers and Sailors. 


Officers and Master Chief Petty Officers (MCPO) / Chief Petty Officers (CPO) are to wear shoulder badges as a part of their uniform. 


Arm Badges are a must for Petty Officers (PO) and lower rank holders. 


The name tally is worn with the uniform.



Dress No. 5


The Dress No. 5 enrolls for Officers and sailors. 


Peak cap or white turban is worn with a white full-sleeved shirt and black bow tie. A black mess jacket with stripes on sleeves is worn. 


The Midshipmen wear the uniform with a turn back on lapels. 

The size of the Gilt button for the uniform is 2. The uniform is essentially worn with Miniature medals, chest badges, name tally, and Black Kamar band.  


Black winter trousers, black socks, and shoes make up the other half of the uniform. 


The female officers on medical grounds must wear black silk sarees with a shawl scarf. A black ladies coat can be worn by the women officers in place of black mess jackets. 

Black winter trousers are worn along with a black bow tie. A black Kamar band is also an integral part of the uniform. 



Dress No. 6


Just like most other uniforms of the Indian Navy, Dress No. 6 also consists of a peak cap or a white turban. The Officers wear a white full-sleeved shirt,  white mess jacket with shoulder stripes, and a black bow tie. 


Chest badges, name tally, miniature medals, and gilt button size of 2 must be worn. 


The dress is owned and profoundly flaunted by Officers and sailors. 


A black summer trouser, black Kamar band, black socks, and black shoes make the uniform 6 complete. 


The women officers wear black silk sarees, with a shawl scarf. The shawl scarf is used as an alternative for the white mess jacket. 

Black summer trousers, black Kamar band, and a black bow tie is also worn by female officers wearing Dress No. 6. This makes up the uniform of female officers on medical grounds. 


Shoulder straps are to be worn by female officers on shirts when saree is worn.



Dress No. 6B


A white turban or peak cap is worn with a white half sleeve shirt for Dress No. 6B. 

Shoulder straps, ribbons, Name tally, and chest badges remains a must for the Officers and sailors in dress 6B.


Black trousers with Kamarband (black) and black shoes and socks complete the uniform. 


For women officers who wear sarees, wears a black saree as a replacement for black trousers and Kamar band. This may be worn by women officers on medical grounds. 

Ribbons are not to be worn with saree.



Dress No. 8


Dress No. 8 is also assigned for Sailors and Officers. The peak cap or white turban remains constant here, like other uniforms of the Indian Navy. 


The name tally is to be worn by the officers.


The white half-sleeved shirt is worn with Shoulder straps by the MCPO (Master Chief Petty Officers) or CPO (Chief Petty Officers).


Arm badges are worn for the post of PO (Petty Officers) and below.


White shorts, stockings, and shoes are worn as a part of Uniform 8. 


Only Leading seamen, wear black stockings and black shoes unlike other officers in Dress 8. While other officials wear black stockings and shoes only when instructed to. 


Dress No. 8 for women officers, 

The women officer may wear Beret black turban in place of a peak cap. And wear a white skirt as a replacement for white shorts. 


Gym shoes or sandals may be worn only when permitted. 



Dress No. 8a


The officers, MCPO and CPO, wear a white turban or peak cap with a white half sleeve shirt and shoulder straps. 

The rank holder of PO and below, wear arm badges. Ribbons, Name tally, and chest badges are to be worn by all officers. 


White trousers, White Belt with Buckle, White socks, White shoes complete the Uniform. 


Black Beret Turban may be worn in place of a Peak cap. 

Recruits in the Leading seamen and below are to wear shoes. Other officials wear black shoes and socks only when ordered or permitted. 


On medical grounds, women officers may wear white sarees in place of white trousers. 


In winters, black jackets may be worn over the shirt. 



Dress No. 9


Peak cap or white turban is worn with overall white uniforms for officers and an overall blue uniforms for sailors. 


The Officers, MCPO and CPO are to wear shoulder badges. 

PO and lower-level officials wear arm badges.  


Name tabs and blood groups tabs are worn as a part of the uniform. 


Black non-slip shoes are worn with black socks to get into a complete Dress No. 9 uniform. 


Beret black turban may be worn in place of a peak cap or white turban. Web bet anklet and boots to be worn when ordered. 



Dress No. 10


Peak Cap and White turban with the light blue shirt and shoulder badges are worn by the Officers, MCPO and CPO. 


Arm badges are mandatory for Ranks of PO and lower ranks. 

The name tab and blood group tab are necessary to be worn to wear the complete uniform.


Navy blue trousers, black socks, and non-slip shoes complete the uniform. 



There are various uniforms of the Indian Navy which are worn by them during occasions and posting of their service. 

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