How to get a good impression in SSB interview?

Impressions are crucial. It decides a make or break of an opportunity. And getting selected in an SSB interview is all about the impression and impact you make. 

Every individual is different and distinctive in their own way. Each one is raised in a different way, have varying values, educations, and manners. 

And these qualities reflect the types of person they are, the background they come from.


Everything you need to know about, SSB Interview


In your SSB Interview, your screening in or out, getting selected or not would depend on very small things. Your manners, behavior, qualities, ability to perform in groups, and so on. 

You will be counted upon the impression you make. 


A good impression is made by not only considering your behavior but also your dressing sense. 

So, in an SSB interview, it is genuinely vital to dress properly, understand the environment, minding your expression, behavior towards everyone. 


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Here are a few ways which I think would help you to ensure a great impression in your SSB interview. 


The first thing that comes on the list is dressing sense. 


Your glance in front of the interviewing officers is very important. So, getting perfectly dressed for the occasion is very vital. That’s what people notice about you. 

Also dressing up properly gives boosts your confidence and pushes you closer to giving your best shot. 

With due reference to the SSB interview, it is suggestable to dress as per season and occasion. The dress you chose to wear should look sober, tidy, and formal. 

Maybe, a dark or sober color suit in winter. And a formal shirt and trousers for summer. With your shirt cuffs not frayed at the ends. 

And one other main component of your dress is Shoes. Your shoes should be formal and well polished. 


Be polite. 


That’s one such quality you will always be appreciated for. Even if someone talks to you rudely it is recommendable to talk to him or her politely. Because this shows a very great human nature and your ability to stay calm and compose in not so normal circumstances. Also, this is one important quality of an officer. 

You can always speak with compassion.


Stay composed.


The ambiance should not stress you. The design and structure of the interview room might cage up your liveliness. During the one-to-one interview candidates often tends to get nervous and messes up. So, it is extremely necessary to stay calm and composed. 

It is somewhat relevant to making decisions and giving commands in critical conditions as an armed force officer, where you have to stay composed, think logically, not to be a nervous and proper application of your effective intelligence. 


Initiate conversations, and show-up at group discussion.


Apart from the one-to-one interview, you will be right in front of the interviewing officers performing the other tests. So, they will notice you by the story your write and narrate in PPDT, where you will be estimated by your story writing and narrating, how much you participate in group discussion, and so on. 


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Optimistic approach.


Starting from writing stories in PPDT, to answering questions asked individually, try to frame things optimistically. Try to figure out the good in every point. In Incase, some miss happenings take place, do not get tensed and answer it with confidence. 


Do not fake, be honest.


Do not try to impress them by faking it. They have wide experience in this arena. Remember, even before you start talking or answering they know about you. 

Note: Your answers in the interview should match with your SD in the psych test and PIQ.

Be honest about if you have any fear or phobia, which might help in moving ahead in the interview. 


Listen first.


Do not talk or start answering before your interviewing officer complete a question. Have patience, listen to what he/she says, and do not interrupt. Hold back from saying something when he speaks and be thoughtful about what he tries to say. 


Actions speak louder than words.


Manners and etiquettes can be key to qualifying your interview. It’s always the little things that matter and are those little things people seem to assume as insignificant. 

Things to remember,

  • Knock gently, to seek permission before entering the room,
  • Initiate a good morning or good noon as per the time, 
  • Sit, when they ask you to, 
  • Get to the point, do not beat about the bush,
  • Keep eye contact, to signify your confidence,
  • Be humble and polite. 


A smile walks a mile.


A smile completes an outfit. Amidst all the tension and function wear a smile. It helps in creating a good impression. It would help you create a better impact on the Interviewing officer. It shows how calmly and beautifully you handle any sort of situation.

But also remember, overfriendliness can also lead you to problems. So a polite smile in between conversations is what we are recommending. 



Therefore, these are very simple suggestive ways to create a good impact on an SSB interview. 


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