What are the questions asked in SSB Interview?

A very general thing that a candidate, be it a fresher or a repeater has in their minds that what kind of questions are they going to face on their SSB interview. The SSB stands as the most crucial and diligent part of the whole process of being a successful defense officer. 


The SSB interview formulates in several stages consisting of different test-specific. It comprises of written test, demonstrative test, group tasks, personal interviewing, and so on. 

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These tasks are designed in ways so as to extract and understand the OLQs of the candidates. 

OLQs are thus very vital for getting selected and keeping going in the interview. 


The selection procedure for the SSB Exam is based on the notion of  Manasa, Vacha, and Karmana. The motto Manasa, Vacha, Karmana is usually invoked to imply that one should strive to achieve the state where one's thoughts, speech, and actions coincide.


Depending on the answers you provide during the interview marks your chance of moving forward in the session. 


The question asked in the interview would mostly be related to your normal life. The questions will be simple and straight but the trick is you will be marked and counted upon your way of answering them. 

The qualities like optimism, power of expression, reasoning ability, influencing, and other officer like qualities are to be tested. You will be evaluated upon your answer and your approach towards answering them. 

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Here, listing a few questions which are often asked in the SSB Interviews.

  1. ‘Tell me something about yourself!’ (This is one of the most obvious questions the interviewing officers begin with)
  2. ‘Tell me about your daily routine.’
  3. ‘Who is your role model and why?’
  4. ‘Who do you trust when it comes to sharing your secrets?’
  5. ‘Which quality do you like about your friends and why?’
  6. ‘What is your favorite subject and why?’
  7. ‘Would you agree to lead a team if a chance is given?’
  8. ‘Why do you want to join the Indian Army/ Navy/ Airforce?’
  9. ‘What according to you is your strength and weakness?’
  10.  ‘Describe the place where you live’
  11.  ‘Which one quality according to you should a good human being possess?’
  12.  ‘Tell something about your involvement and achievement in sports?’
  13.  ‘What would be your other career choice if not joining the armed forces?’
  14.  ‘What are the competitive exams you have appeared so far?’
  15.  ‘Why do you think your marks have considerably got reduced from 10th to 12th?’
  16.  ‘What if you do not get recommended this time?’
  17.  ‘How have you prepared for SSB?’
  18.  ‘Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriends?, What do you like and dislike about him/her?’
  19.  ‘Who do you love more your mother or father?’
  20.  ‘What is your pocket money/ salary, how do you spend it?’
  21.  ‘Other questions related to general knowledge, and current affairs.’
  22.  ‘Questions related to the armed forces.’
  23.  ‘Questions from technical aspects and prospects’
  24.  ‘How much would you mark yourself for the test you have given so far?’
  25.  ‘Since I have asked you a number of questions, is there any question you would like to ask me?’


So, general questions of this sort and pattern are asked. Where you would be asked about qualities, self-realization, approach towards life, thoughts towards making friends, etc. 


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How should you answer the question during SSB Interview?

Be you a fresher or a repeater, you have to embrace yourself with optimism shell to get through the SSB interview and move a step ahead in joining the armed forces. 

Remember that you shouldn’t be faking yourself, be confident, and show up the way you are. 

Make sure that your answers in the interview match with our SD in Psych test and your PIQ. Be blunt, better not to act smart. Be bold, brave to answer truths. 

If asked for any sort of reasoning or opinion choose the positive way outs. Be practical for the answers and opinions you put forward. 


When asked about friends or parents it is recommendable not to reply with some negative sight. For that reflects you lack integrity towards your close persons. 

If you are asked about your fear, be brave to tell them the truth. It sometimes can be really beneficial. Be very calm and obedient. Listen carefully to what the interviewing officers say. Si does not fasten things. Go slow, steady, and talk as much as needed, 


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What type of questions are asked in SSB?

The questions asked in an SSB interview hold a very broad base. The questions asked can be regarded towards your friends, family, and general lifestyle. Which includes jobs, salary, leisure, passion, hobby, etc. 

General knowledge questions and current affairs are something you should be highly prepared with. 

Also, focus on learning questions related to the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce. 

You might get situation based questions, like how would you react if you were in so and so situation, what would you do, and so on. 

They can ask you to evaluate yourself, ask you about what you think about your own existence, etc.


So, the base of questioning in an SSB interview is wide. Go with some general sense and knowledge, be truthful, confident, and practical. That’s all you need to get over with the whole interview. 


How can I prepare for the SSB interview?

I believe SSB is all about practicality and personality. So the best way to prepare for SSB is to polish the good qualities you inhibit and polish the qualities which you think are required. 

Through the different ways and sessions during the SSB interview, you would be marked and evaluated over the OLQs. So, it is extremely important to give your best shot at behaving honestly, practically, and chivalrously. 


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Here are some ways which will help you to prepare for SSB:

  • Make a timetable and work accordingly. Your timetable must include some physical exercise and medidation. Because physical and mental stamina is very important and is one of the OLQs. 
  • Be practical in approach to whatever you do and however you think. In the beginning, you have to do it manually and with time it will happen involuntarily. 
  • Make sure to have some daily reading time. Read good motivational and inspirational books definitely serves help. 
  • Practice narration and story writing. 
  • Find optimism in every incident and event happening around. 
  • Socializing with people. 
  • Note down every bit of the day before going off to sleep. 
  • Do not overstress and try to keep yourself calm and compose. 
  • Take responsibilities and affirmations. 


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Is the SSB interview tough?

Yes, SSB is the toughest and most extensive of all the examinations and interviews conducted by the government. Most of the people fail to clear the SSB interview even in repeating years. 

More than 50% of candidates who are called for SSB interviews are sent back home. They are screened out on the very first day.


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SSB interview looks for 80% mental stamina and efforts and 20% physical strength. The fifteen OLQs are the pillars on which the interview rests. The SSB interview is a 5-day long process that examines your personality, behavior, and character detail.


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