What schedule must be followed for getting selected in the SSB interview?

SSB interview is something really neither easy to crack, nor impossible to not to be successful. It requires a perfect balance of physical, mental, and emotional strength to get through. So, people often tend to fail at figuring out how to prepare and buck up for the SSB interview.


Basically, it needs effort in enhancing physical stamina, sharpening your innate qualities, embracing some qualities to meet the OLQs, and strengthening your mental ability.  


SSB interview comprises of different sort of tasks and tests. 

Situation React task, Word association test, Progressive Group Task, Final Group Task, Command Task, Physical Test, and Conference round.


Cracking all of these needs good practice and enhanced skill. So, scheduling up properly before your head for your SSB interview is a very crucial time. It is the time when you and your efforts affirm how much chances you ensure in the SSB Interview. 


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However, before I schedule up the schedule you must follow to secure good stead in the SSB interview I think it is vital to tell you, HABIT plays a key role in the whole process. 


‘We become what we do repeatedly.’ So, your success to some extent depends upon habits followed each day. 


Here is a susceptible timetable for you to understand how things are to be done and perform before you go for your SSB interview. 


Get yourself a habit of waking up early morning. When you go for your SSB interview, you have to wake up early and no excuse would be enough for being late during that time. So, as mentioned earlier, it becomes what we do repeatedly.


Working out every day is a must. It is to stay fit, healthy, and enhance your physical stamina. Stamina is one of the 15 OLQs, which are looked for in the candidates during the SSB interview. 

Going for a run, doing yoga, or gym is to enhance your physical stamina. 

Note, mental stamina is also a part of the stamina in the list of OLQ. 

So, meditation or any other way to enhance your concentration must be practiced every day. 


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You must invest time in reading newspapers and magazines every day. This helps in knowledging yourself with current affairs, which is very important for cracking SSB interview. 

Watching the news is also helpful. Because not only it is informative but also it shows how to debate and talk when in front of or amidst many people. Basically, you get an idea of how to behave in group discussions. 

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Make sure t have a reading time in your daily timetable. Read good inspirational books, which would help you to think and embrace more optimism about life. Reading biographies of great legends motivates you to think better and instill a never give up attitude. 


You must spend some quality time with your family and friends. This will help you to have a conversation with people and generate your ability to put forward your opinion in group discussion, which will be very helpful for your group discussion round.


Also, the more you talk with your family and friends and ask them to tell you where you lag or what faults they find in you can be helpful. For you can go on work on those portions. 

Basically, these conversations can be used to estimate your strengths and weakness.


Participate in cultural events or functions as a backstage worker. This helps in developing skills that are a part of Officer qualities, such as organizing ability, responsibility, social adaptability, and so on. 


Take part in extempore and debate competitions. This helps in improving your power of expression, effective intelligence, and reasoning ability, which again are three OLQs. 

Getting more exposure can really help you to get selected for the SSB interview. After all, socializing plays a major role after you become an officer in the armed force.


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Actively take responsibility and put your best shot in their completion. 

‘Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land.’

From advising your younger siblings to help out help seeks you pass by anywhere, take responsibility, be helpful and kind. For this makes a real leader.


Adapt sportsmanship quality, do not nag about failures instead move forward with better ways and plans. 


Practice writing skills, creative story writing, essay writing, and essays on argumentative topics. For in PPDT you need to write the story in a very short time with a strong storyline preferably. And writing a good story is not everyone’s cup of tea until and unless you practice for it. 

Also, I feel it is necessary to mention that try to bring out a positive message during your picture perception and description test in the SSB interview. 


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Practice narrating or expressing your opinions and views in front of the mirror because it boosts your confidence and improves your ability to express your thoughts. Also, helps you to improve (if needed) your facial expressions, body language because they are an important part too.

Before you go off to bed every night make sure to do a self-analysis and introspection. Note down how you have been successful throughout the day, list down your achievements for the say. Set up a list of goals for the next day and prepare accordingly. 


Keep a healthy diet and food habits to stay fit and active. 


Do, everything with dedication and determination. Your efforts count. 

Do not regret if something gets missed out or you can’t achieve any of your goals any day, better try harder and make sure to get it down.


Analyze your hobbies and past life events that made an impact on your life. Since interviewers mostly ask about something very impactful about your life and practical life-based questions. 


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Can we clear SSB in the first attempt?

The answer to this question is again a question, and that’s WHY NOT? 

With dedication determination, proper knowledge of the procedure of the SSB Interview, preparing well with the questions asked in SSB Interview and improving your skills and qualities.


Make sure to make your efforts count. Do not compromise on the preparations you do for your SSB interview.


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