How to get travel allowances for SSB?

If you are to travel to your SSB Interview centre, you get a travel allowance. The travel allowance provided to the SSB aspirants is given by the Government of India. There are definitely some terms and conditions applied, which are thoroughly checked before they travel money is reimbursed. Also, the reimbursed amount is meant up to a certain limit only. 


So, here we are going to make it evident to you that when are you going to get a reimbursement and when aren’t. What are the things you should remember and what to avoid? 

 So, you are eligible for travel allowance only once, when you go for permanent commission entry and for the short service commission entry. It does not count whether it is for Army, Navy or Airforce. Basically, you are eligible to claim travel allowance only twice in your lifetime. 

Your subsequent attempts such hold obliged to access travel allowances. 


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You would not be entertained with any reimbursement request if you fail to provide original travel documents. Make sure to keep the original tickets and recommendable to keep a pair of photocopies of it too. The documents must carry the detail of whether you are travelling by train (sleeper or general or AC-coaches).

Failing to provide the necessary requisites can make you cost your travel fares even if it's your first commission entry. 


Travel allowances are provided for choosing to travel through the shortest distance possible. As in, you have to board such a commute (preferably railway) that cover the minimum distance from your residence to the SSB-centre allotted to you. 

So, stops in between or lengthening the route would be counted when you apply for your travel allowance. 


Ticket fares are provided only up to the fare of the train - AC three-tier that includes reservation cum sleeper charges. This is the maximum amount that is refunded up to. It does not have a minimal amount, you may travel by bus or travel in a general or non-AC sleeper class and would get the money back accordingly. But if you reach your SSB centre in a commute that costs more than the fare of AC-3 tier (say, by aeroplane or AC two-tier) you would get reimbursement up to the fare of AC three-tier only. 


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That’s how you are to get your money back for travelling from your house to the concerned SSB-centre. The SSB-centre facilitates bus service for receiving their interviewees at a specified time. So, it is necessary for you to schedule up your travel plan such that you reach the station on or before time. In case if you are delayed, you have to reach the SSB-center all by yourself and no money would be refunded for that.


Sometimes, the centre is located in remote, which becomes utterly difficult to reach and report on time. Reporting after the provided time can also prohibit you from entering the centre and would directly send you back home without even letting you in for the screening test. 


Usually, the mention of the specified railway station where you are asked to wait is provided in your mail, and from there you are escorted to the SSB centres. This is usually scheduled twice a day as per your slot. If you are asked to report at the station in the morning your first day the proceedings are done on that very day. 

And if you are scheduled in the afternoon you are to stay back and you proceeding are done on the next. 


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I would highly recommend you to reach the place a day before you are asked to report at the station. As it is not only safe but helps you to have some rest, prepare and be punctual. Because sometimes, delay in the commute you chose can make you suffer. 


‘Prevention is always better than a cure!’


After the screening procedure, if you are selected you are asked to stay back and either way, you are either dropped at the railway station or simply asked to find your own convenience, depending upon your centre. 


So, here are the details of how you are going to get your travel allowance for your SSB interview. Herein mentioned details are also given in your call letter. Read it carefully for further details. 


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