What are the things must be carried for SSB interview?

An SSB interview is like a golden opportunity to make life like a dream. It is a ticket to be a member of the pride led life. So, making mistakes at this certain stage no longer stays an option. At this you have to be best in preparation and dressed in perfection. 

To put your best step ahead, you have to be fully prepared to take up every challenge and task that comes up in the interview. That would require you to carry the necessary items with yourself. 


And to make your packaging easier and mistakes less we provide you the listed items. This would help you to avoid mishappening during your SSB interview. 


So, these are the necessary items which you should not forget to take along when going for an SSB interview. 



The first and foremost thing, without which you won't be allowed to give your SSB interview, is the documents. Failing to provide the documents during the interview can cost you direct rejection. In certain cases they ask you to report on another day with the required documents. 


However there have been changes in regulations due to Covid-19, the pandemic outbreak. 

Refer to Guidelines set for SSB during COVID 19 , for the updates made in the rules and regulations in the SSB Interview. 


Make sure to carry the original copies of all the documents along with the xeroxed ones. 

Call letter, xerox of your application form, identity proof, address proof (government issued), marksheets and school and college certificates, co-curricular activities certificates and photographs of right sizes. 


To know the details of the documents that are needed to be carried during SSB interview, check out the following article - 16 Documents to be carried for SSB interview.



The SSB interview is generally accessed over a tenure of 5 days. The whole period is differentiated to assess the candidates over different physical and mental abilities. 


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And so each task and proceedings need specified clothing. So, these are the following wear pieces you must carry during your SSB interview. 


  • At least three pairs of formal clothes, (shirt and trousers, clean and ironed). Blazers and ties remain optional. 

Men should carry at least two collared t-shirts and shorts. Shorts must be white in colour. 

Women also must carry two collared t-shirts and white lowered pants. 


  • You must carry a pair of Sport shoes or PT shoes with socks. Carry at least three to four pairs of white socks. 
  • Carry all other necessary clothes based on your personal need, like nightwear, undergarments, casual clothes, slippers etc.
  • Bring clothes based on the season and weather of your SSB centre.


It would be highly recommendable to make your luggage as small as possible. 


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Depending upon the seasons, every candidate needed to carry a set of uniform and a combat dress. The choice of uniform would be in accordance with their will to serve the Army, Navy , Air Force or coast guard. 


Other Essentialities

The other essentialities includes, 

Bathing essentials, shaving kit, lock and key to keep your belongings safe, and other general personal use items. The items under this list would vary from individual to individual, so take a note of what you need carefully. 



In the course of SSB interview you will also be getting writing tests. So, make sure to carry pens (blue and black -inked both are preferable). It is recommended to carry writing pads, non-ruled. 

As an alternative to writing pad you may carry white plain sheets of paper or a rough note book. 



Try to keep less cash. And tend to keep the money with yourself. No one would be held liable for you in case you lose something, so be aware of the thing and act responsible. 


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